Tuesday, 22 November 2011

It's the season for log fires, mulled wine & vintage fur

Brrr it's getting chilly, but what perfect weather for getting this season's hottest and furriest trend out of the vintage closet, vintage and antique fur. If you haven't been able to raid your grandma's attic then check out our online shop because I've added a new section just for vintage fur. Click on each image to take you directly to the product.


I've mentioned this vibrant emerald green wolf fur coat before because it's so amazing to feel and also because it was allegedly made for  Sophia Loren's sister (Maria Scicolone) by an Italian designer, the quality is undeniable on this item and I deny you not to feel like a moviestar bombshell when wearing it. I've never seen wolf fur before and the colour is just stunning too


Here's a classic pillbox hat the style epitomised by Jackie Onassis in the late 50s early 60s, very chic indeed. This hat is brown ermine, I think as it's very soft and fluffy with longer wet-look shiny strands, the vintage fur collar is mink methinks too. 

Pictured below is what it looks like when worn over a 60s shift dress with classic pearls.



Above: the ├╝ber stylish and elegant ermine, the fur of royalty, this collar is 1920/30s ermine with a cream silk lining, it can be worn either like this with the adjustable hand sewn silk thread loops, which attach to a hand carved deco square shaped mother of pearl button, or it can be worn the classic way with one side looped through the strap on the lining as shown pictured below.

Below is a white mink vintage fur collar, which sits very nicely around the neck and would spruce up a cardigan for you winter wardrobe no end. Scroll down to see it teamed up with a classic 1950s silk day dress with pearls.

I've also got an Edwardian turn of the century black taffeta long coat with a large fox fur collar to photograph and upload, along with a stunning black silk velvet opera coat with an ermine lined hooded collar that sits over the shoulders - which I'm deliberating on actually selling because it's been in my own wardrobe for decades, I love it.


  1. You have a fabulous blog!
    The white mink collar reminds me of the one Marilyn wears in the movie somethings got to give with a cute matching beret.

  2. Yes I see what you mean, it's a bit smaller though and fits closer to the neck than Marylin's, although it achieves a similar glam' effect methinks.

    The ermine collar makes me think of Marylin & Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes singing the line,
    “I was young and determined to be wined and dined in ermine and I worked at it all around the clock.”

  3. I can still picture us all trying that gorgeous coat on - whoever buys it will be one lucky lady! I don't know how you do it ... find such amazing vintage costume that is. M x

  4. Thanks M I know, it's so strokable isn't it, I think out of all of us you definitely looked the best in it, great fun tho'.


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