Saturday, 17 September 2011

French Jet beaded Victorian Mantle uploaded to shop

I'm still limited as to what I can upload until I get a camera that doesn't swoon after taking one blurred picture, but here's one I took earlier, so I've been able to upload and list it on the shop site.

I've worn this while being interviewed on The Clothes Show way back in the late 80's, pre Kate Moss wearing one similar, I like to think she saw me around Croydon wearing it and all my other vintage items while she was probably still at school - but who am I kidding eh!

French Jet beaded Victorian Mantle Victorian French jet, glass beaded mourning mantle/ capelet [Jackets & Tops] - £210.00 : Vampalicous Vintage, Vintage Clothes, Books, Comics, Sewing patterns and more


  1. GORGEOUS! Hope the shop's going well. I'm at Sherborne on Saturday and Bridport on Sunday so busy weekend. If you fancy Bridport there is going to be a Market on the last Sunday in Oct but that will be the last for the year. M x

  2. Hi, thanks M, I was planning on going to both but spent the past few weeks totally wiped out of energy, pathetically limp on the sofa doing nowt. I'm still deliberating on whether to go for it or not, with the stalls etc, I probably need a proper chat with you to pick your brain some more - let me know if you're free anytime for a coffee somewhere?

  3. That capelet is divine, oh how I wish I had the money!


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