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I've finally done it & opened an actual vintage shop


I can't believe it - after how many years of wishing, deliberating and faffing about I have actually done it! Vintage Vampalicious is now in a proper bricks and mortar shop, my very own premises all full to the brim of vintage loveliness. I am so excited.

Here it is -
The address is: Top Notch Vintage, 14 Brunel Precinct, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7PY. Come and say hello and browse for something fab' to wear.

Spiderweb beaded dress with silver faux fur evening jacket on the left and on the right a black velvet Victorian cape with a gold and black striped basque, wearing a spiderweb necklace.

 It began looking like a total mess like this. At first I was panicking thinking I wasn't going to fill the space. That didn't last long, several car loads later....

 I now have areas divided up to menswear and women's these are some of the waistcoats.

 Toppers and Victorian lingerie - watched over by the 1920s chap whom I have decided is the patron.

Loads of mens and wo…