Sunday, 18 October 2015

I've finally done it & opened an actual vintage shop


I can't believe it - after how many years of wishing, deliberating and faffing about I have actually done it! Vintage Vampalicious is now in a proper bricks and mortar shop, my very own premises all full to the brim of vintage loveliness. I am so excited.

Here it is -

The address is: Top Notch Vintage, 14 Brunel Precinct, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7PY.

Come and say hello and browse for something fab' to wear.

Spiderweb beaded dress with silver faux fur evening jacket on the left and on the right a black velvet Victorian cape with a gold and black striped basque, wearing a spiderweb necklace.

 It began looking like a total mess like this. At first I was panicking thinking I wasn't going to fill the space. That didn't last long, several car loads later....

 I now have areas divided up to menswear and women's these are some of the waistcoats.

 Toppers and Victorian lingerie - watched over by the 1920s chap whom I have decided is the patron.

Loads of mens and women's vintage jodphurs, including 1940s land army, 1930s tweed cycling breeches, military breeches, corded, tweed and wool.

 My first window display - it had to be Halloween didn't it. Here's a spectacular kilt set for the chaps, with matching fishtail trews, buckle shoes, too and tie and dicky bow tie, for the whole ensemble.

 And in the men's department we have shaving accessories, ties and bow ties, cravats, hats, gloves, pipe collectibles...

Scarves, fur collars, men's shoes brogues by Racing Green and Loakes, sewing magazines and books.

Not much chance of it looking minimal now and I'm still waiting for the electrician to fit better lighting.

My pimped up counter which was kindly donated to me by Trevor and Liz at the Witchcraft shop in Glastonbury. After a good old scrub down with lots of elbow grease and glitsy sticky back plastic it has been restored to loveliness.

 The most fabulous gentleman's oriental black silk satin brocade smoking jacket - oozes vintage scoundrel, along with a black trilby and a velvet songkok Malaysian hat.

Lovely blue fedora, and hanging is a full length complete with train, blue velvet medieval style theatrical or wedding gown. It's so heavy, the fabric and quality of the make is beautiful, would make a spectacular winter wedding gown.

Beaded purses, there are more inside the cabinet, dressing table trinket sets, gloves and inside the box are bakalite art deco buckles.

On the groovy purple dresser are bits and bobs, here shown are a wonderful set of 1930s shot glasses decorated with with pink dancing ladies.

Dinner jackets from Edwardian tuxedos, through to 1940s CC41 double breasted tux and the lushest of lush blue velvet bespoke made shawl collar dinner jacket that is eminently strokable. There's a shelf of dress shirts including starched front and collarless as well as marcella waistcoats with and without backs and also dove grey formal waistcoats too.

 Starched collars, gent's scarves and funky Gieves tweeds.
 Added a few more tweed hats to the mix since taking this picture.

 The glass table and perspex chairs are also for sale, but the vase and flowers aren't because I love them so much. On the table is a beautiful silky soft moleskin fur wrap and matching muff, along with an Edwardian fur muff that matches the stole pictured elsewhere.

 Fab 1960s Quad burgundy hooded cape with pink quilted lining, full length red taffeta evening skirt with fitted net underskirts and the chiffon blouse is potentially a 1980s Dior.

 Bags, cases and shoes.

 Stunning cobalt blue velvet opera coat with removable faux fur collar.

Here's what you see when you walk in the door, sorry for the bag I was still setting up, but it gives you an idea. I had a couple of lovely customer's yesterday who stumbled across me and were so excited, they ever so kindly declared my shop as the best shop in Somerton. That's high praise indeed. Wow. Hope I get more like that.

Now all I need to do is finish pricing everything up and do some marketing and sort through the boxes of patterns and fabrics for the haberdashery area which I need to make room for!!

Come see me - say hello.
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