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Pan Am Fashion Powder blue style

I'm loving the new Pan Am TV series and am drooling over the Pan Am fashion and costume, and especially so in last night's episode 6 where Christina Ricci and Margot Robbie were both looking exceeding glam wearing classic powder blue dresses. You can get the Pan Am look too as VintageVampalicious has a very similar 1960s vintage powder blue wool dress with a cowl neck, very similar to the one Margot's character, stewardess Laura was wearing, we also have the obligatory vintage gloves too.
The white bag I've pictured is an 80s moc crock vinyl bag, which I have but not listed yet, so if you'd like more info' on it just get in touch with me.

It's the season for log fires, mulled wine & vintage fur

Brrr it's getting chilly, but what perfect weather for getting this season's hottest and furriest trend out of the vintage closet, vintage and antique fur. If you haven't been able to raid your grandma's attic then check out our online shop because I've added a new section just for vintage fur. Click on each image to take you directly to the product.

I've mentioned this vibrant emerald green wolf fur coat before because it's so amazing to feel and also because it was allegedly made for  Sophia Loren's sister (Maria Scicolone) by an Italian designer, the quality is undeniable on this item and I deny you not to feel like a moviestar bombshell when wearing it. I've never seen wolf fur before and the colour is just stunning too

Here's a classic pillbox hat the style epitomised by Jackie Onassis in the late 50s early 60s, very chic indeed. This hat is brown ermine, I think as it's very soft and fluffy with longer wet-look shiny strands, the vint…

Love hearts hates moths

Just a quicky post today. Every evening I've been hand sewing another heart to use some of the fabrics I got recently and also to make use of the lavender from the garden. As well as being filled with lavender, I've also put some wormwood inside too, both are herbs that moths hate and avoid, so they are perfect for the wardrobe, or to keep in drawers as well as looking pretty hanging on the door or a chest of drawers. The buttons and lace are very old vintage scraps.

Downton Abbey 'Aristocratic chic is back!'

The hot fashion trend sparked by the popular sho Downton Abbey is for turn of the Century glamour and opulence, as worn by the Crawley family in ITV's popular TV costume drama series.
The Mail Online reports that It's not just women who have fallen for old-school glamour, though, men are also feeling inspired.

Sales of cravats are up 28 per cent at Debenhams and waistcoats, the must-have for all Downton men have also seen a sales spike of 21 per cent.

M&S has seen sales of men’s British fabric tweed blazers rise by more than 750% on some styles and sales of elbow-length gloves sold has soared by 584% as have the sales of sequin capelets - a short cape worn over the shoulder have more than doubled. Marks & Spencer has also noticed the demand for corsets, pearl earrings and cloche hats has also rocketed

Debenhams spokesman Carie Barkhuizen said: 'The feminine glamour captured by the Crawley women in Downton Abbey has had a marked effect on what women are looking to b…

Antiques in Dorchester

Went to Dorchester at the weekend to look at the huge antique barns next to Dukes. Lots of interesting sellers and vintage clothes, I enquired about getting a space there and it's quite reasonable, with a little coffee shop too, so maybe next year.
Novel patchworking ideas

I'd say this stall would probably be the closest in resembling my stock, I've even got a white 80s back very similar too.

This settee suite caught my eye, in a fab purple, so retro 1950s, it's like something from the Jetson's, (bet you can't remember tat show).

All in all a great place to visit, it's open all week and they serve gorgeous coffee too.

More vintage fabrics and silk scarves

I picked up some lovely fabrics and silk scarves and antique lace this week. Some of the vintage fabric pieces are really quite old and the silk is paper thin and delicate with beautiful muted colours, both with embroidered flower patterns and block printing too. The scarves/hankies pictured above have gorgeous 1930s Deco print designs. Underneath the top Deco handkerchief you can just see a Victorian funereal, mourning scarf which is also in a lovely silk. It is what the chief mourner would have waved during the procession.
I'm jusy trying to figue out what to make with them, or whether to sell the pieces as they are.