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French Jet beaded Victorian Mantle uploaded to shop

I'm still limited as to what I can upload until I get a camera that doesn't swoon after taking one blurred picture, but here's one I took earlier, so I've been able to upload and list it on the shop site.

I've worn this while being interviewed on The Clothes Show way back in the late 80's, pre Kate Moss wearing one similar, I like to think she saw me around Croydon wearing it and all my other vintage items while she was probably still at school - but who am I kidding eh!

French Jet beaded Victorian Mantle Victorian French jet, glass beaded mourning mantle/ capelet [Jackets & Tops] - £210.00 : Vampalicous Vintage, Vintage Clothes, Books, Comics, Sewing patterns and more

More pix from the Vintage & Craft Fair

Our first village Vintage & Craft Fair

Well I am almost recovered after organising our first vintage & craft event for the village community, thankfully my neighbour Gilli was helping spread the word to all her crafting friends while I was getting in touch with my vintage contacts. I seemed to spend forever sending out press releases and designing the poster and signs and getting them about too.

Overall we had a fabulous day, the weather was fine and sunny apart from being blustery, but we were cosy in the massive marquee which resembled a big top circus tent with it's fetching blue and white stripes. 

All the stallholders were stunning and the whole vibe was very jolly.  Hopefully I'll get more pictures sent through from people to show you, as my camera decided to take one picture then die on me.

we even had Pearl Lowe come and visit which was lovely, she tweeted back to me "I came, it was very sweet there, hope it went well for you. Let me know if there's any others? Xx".

One of my highlights …