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Yikes I got Logged Out

Well as you can see it has been a while since I blogged in here. Simple fact was I got locked out and couldn’t get back in until now, so I have had a little tweek - hope you love what I’ve done to the place. In the meantime I have been mega busy with the online shop and bricks n mortar shop in sunny Somerton, in ever delightful Somerset... and I have started drawing again tah dah. Oh my gosh, I swear the last time I held a pen for drawing must have literally been over 20 years ago, sooo thanks to some really cool painting and graphic apps for my ipad, with Procreate and Affinity. I have been putting my digital pen to ipad screen and been playing again. Check out my T shirt designs at MaterialisingMagic on Etsy. So the above two are my first products ready and launched, I am still working on this Minxy minx, I just have a few tweeks to make to the background. I haven’t decided whether to do her with or without the egg behind and whether to add text or not. Drop me a comment
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Christmas to a Fashion - Vintage Fashion

Christmas window thus far, it's steaming up already in here and blew this side lights in the same day as putting them up. So there's a bit of heath robinson on the light department - but besides the lighting malfunction we have delicious vintage gowns and treasures for you, to get you feeling all glitzy and glam. Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays - come and get yourself kitted out for the party season in one-of-a-kind vintage fashion. I have all sizes too, so don't say nothing will fit you, I bet it will.

It's getting near to the Glamathon Party Season - are you ready?

  Ultimate red carpet backless velvet gown for utter glamazons, with huge diamonte dress clip embellishments and a fish tail train. Wow-wow-wow!

Autumn Vintage Boho Window

Ooh it's starting to look a bit cosy now with my Autumnal boho window. From left; Three piece blue needlecord and liberty chintz Anna Belinda in volup size. Boho chintz and burgundy velvet Marion Donaldson waiastcoat and gypsy skirt. Burgundy suede 3/4 skirt in volup size with a boho retro blouse and vintage 40s Chinese silk brocade reversible jacket in green and peachy pink. The leather tooled bag features mythical creatures and Romulus and Remus. Chap is wearing burgundy cord trousers with a Harris tweed houndstooth waistcoat, vintage burgundy paisley cravat and Harris tweed jacket with brown football buttons.

Great find of the week - Alternative London Punk Doll by Marian Kenny

Fab little Punk girl. This was totally me somewhere around the early 80s, complete with orange hair, cateye make up, black mini skirt with chains and studded belt, fishnet tights and flat pixie boots. Like a little MiniMe. I found her in a tub with lots of other dolls, a sad little tub of someone's lifetime's collection so I took them all home with me. There were also some big eye Bradgate dolls which I'm sure I used to have a Japanese one when I was little, I remember her big black hair with centre parting and the huge cute eyes but mostly I'm sure she was wearing a fab red silk brocade Kimono, which I am still a massive fan of now. Lord knows how many I have all around the house, different colours for different moods. This little punk girl though, an original designed by Marian Kenny appears to be a bit of a collectable one, so result all round. Now I just have to decide whether she's going to live me or will she make it to the shop.... Hmmmm. Well maybe

Congrats to Dawn, Winner of Miss Vintage 2017 - wearing TopNotch Vintage

Pic courtesy of Twinwood Festival 2017 wow-wow-wow! Massive congratulations to Dawn, on the right hand side, for blimmin' going and winning the Miss Vintage at the Twinwood Festival 2017 , doesn't she look stunning. And guess what - she is wearing an original 1930s crepe floral gown with matching bolero she bought from Top Notch Vintage too. That's gotta be the best outcome for one of our gowns this year.

THANK YOU for voting, we made the Muddy Somerset Finals

  Thank you everone who voted for Top Notch Vintage for the best menswear category in the Muddy Somerset Awards 2017.  Thanks to you lovely lot we made the finals, down to 5 final nominations out with so many people voting it broke their website. But I am proud we even got nominated as the shop has only been in the new location since January and to get the silver award is just fabulous, I am thrilled. So hope to see some more lovely chaps shopping for original true vintage clothing and accessories in Somerset. Find us on Broad Street, Somerton. We also sell true vintage and high end vintage designer labels for women and children too.