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Four Rooms and a suffragette gown

I've just been asked by a researcher for Four Rooms if I'd like to take part in the show. It's a TV programme about dealing in antiques and unusual objects. The idea is that you take your item into four rooms where a dealer will offer you a price for it, the gamble is that once you've left a room you can't go back, so you just have to guess which one of the dealers will offer you the best price.

If I do the show, I'll be taking along my Suffragette gown pictured below, which they were quite interested in because of the story about the secret code in the bag, the violets, fern and white lace to symbolise Votes For Women. The supporters of the movement would wear the symbolic emblems in either jewellery or about their person to show their support whilst unknowingly to their family or husbands.

My great grandmother was a feisty young woman around this time, living in Liverpool and from a wealthy family, they even had a car, so I like to fantasise that she would ha…