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Winter coats and summer kaftans it's a British summer

The great British summer, giving us glorious sunny skies on one day then torrential rain and floods the next, so I've accommodated this and uploaded some winter coats and vintage furs along with vintage kaftans. I have also updated the menu system on the front page and added lots of new sections, so you may find something now that you never knew I had.

I've also been on a buying spree and have received boxes of new stuff to upload to the shop a collection of fur collars, mens Harvie & Hudson dress shirts, stiff collars and marcella waistcoats and another Royal Navy uniform.  Today's pick ups include; a brand new 100% wool tweed jacket, an original leather portmanteau, a handmade pair of Samual Windsor chelsea boots, an alpaca shawl, Edwardian bone necklace, deco dress clip, and a green wool Austrian stiff brimmed original Tyroler Loden deerstalker hat.

That'll be keeping me busy in the studio for a while.