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Buying vintage for lovely chaps

I seem to have been on a shopping bender for the chaps recently, with coming across nice dinner suits and accessories. I even found a midnight blue dinner suit that is very similar to James Bond's both from Doctor No, which was his first dinner suit in the 60s and more recently in Quantum of Solace with Daniel Craig and coincidentally I found it literally round the corner from where Mr Craig was hanging out last Christmas - ooh it set the mind a wandering I can tell you, especially as it's in his size too. It's not a Tom Ford design though, it is actually tailored for Jacob Reed's Sons in Philadelphia.

I also bought this lovely vintage double breasted 1940s de-mob dinner jacket or tuxedo, it's a Utility garment with a CC41 label and made by Montague Burton of Oxford Street, the label says; 'The Tailor of Taste", love it.

Then to keep yourself nice and smart a sweet vintage leather grooming set which has chromium bottles with bakelite screw tops and a hairb…

Mad March Hats, a teeny weeny bikini & latest finds

I've been on a shopping mission and found an assortment of colourful lovely vintage finds. Above a blue velvet hat and far right a black velvet beret style hat, the two centre pink and yellow hats are actually Tropicana headscarves and they'd both look fab teamed with the itsy bitsy teeny ween pin-up gitl bikini below wouldn't they.

Then I came across this box of 5 Goddess bras still with the original store tags on them and in a box that says "I owe it all to Goddess Bras" - fab. They are labelled as 34D but the cup size is a good 8" across so I really think they're probably a DD. They've got hooks & eyes on both sides of the strap for extra security!

I love this oriental Japanese Victorian low fronted rounded shawl collar waistcoat in a burgundy silk brocade, from Ari Dono of Kyoto Japan. with two pockets, four satin buttons, adjustable back. 36" chest, 34" waist. ....and so you have me Moriarty.
 And another little black fur collar …

Eek I'm going for it full time

Eeeeek, nervous as a wibbly thing. I have thrown all caution to the wind and have decided to go full time self-employed selling vintage gear as Vampalicious, so please be kind and buy lots from me.  I've booked myself into my first proper vibtage fair at Sherborne, Digby Hall this Saturday, so come & have a browse & say hello.

I've also been making progress in finding a shop unit and have narrowed my hunt down to a little spot in either Castle Scary or Langport, both are quite tempting at the moment, so I'm not sure which I'll opt for just yet.

When I have decided I'll be offering dress agency services for good quality vintage glamourous clothes as well as selling my own hand picked items, so if you are local and have something gorgous you'd like to sell via my shop then please get in touch.

I've bagged up my vintage patterns, bought  some lovely purple mail bags and bright pink tissue paper for postage packaging, been designing a new logo to get ca…