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Vintage gifts for him

Keep Warm with Winter Vampalicious

Vintage Metallic Glitz

Vintage Halloween

And it was all yellow

Yellow, yellow, everywhere! It’s certainly the colour of the season; both in home furnishings and fashion too, so here’s a selection of this season’s yellow items from Vampalicious to get you feeling mellow yellow or perhaps a little fruity.

Fab late 60s black double breasted mod suit, tailor made and designed by Mike martin.

Lovely amber gold original 1960s Tootal evening scarf

Yellow gold matching bow tie and cummerbund

mustard paisley squareSilk yellow and red paisley pocket square in original box

tootal yellow cravatVintage 1960s Tootal cravat in lemon yellow rayon with red paisley printed design.

├╝ber dandy 1960s polyester flower power cravat in fruity oranges and yellow, it’s reversable with the back being completely yellow.

Vintage 1970s straw cloche hat with a big pink faux flower attached to the band.

Vintage late 1960s early 70s psychedelic mini shirt dress from Saks Fifth Avenue – is it Pucci? Well it could well be but there isn’t a Pucci label unless it’s been removed.


New Vintage Vampalicious Stock

Wow I feel like I haven't come up for air at all this year, it's been all steaming, ironing, dressing the dummies and waiting for sunshine to shine through into the studio to photograph all the new vintage stock. 

There have been over 46 items added recently and I'm not even halfway through, I still have loads to go - phewee.

If you're on Pinterest you can follow my newstock board, I add to it every time I list another item so you can see it all in one place. and it looks great on there.

There's so much more for the vintage gentlemen with vintage dinner suits, formwal wear, tails and tuxedos as well as lots of tweed for both men and women and a whole bunch of Tootal cravats and scarves which I am currently in the process of photographing along with a whole lot more waistcoats too.

I hope you like it all and find something that's just for you. If there's anything you'd like me to keep my eyes open for too then just let me know via the site and I will be…

Victorian - Edwardian Pinterest

This week's Pinterest, where Vintage Vampalicious products are grouped together, so you can see a whole collection in one place, has all the period drama of the Victorian and Edwardian era. With plenty of dinner jackets and suits for the Gentleman and clothes and accessories for the lady too.

I hope you enjoy it. All the items shown are fro sale at

Pinterest - Dandy Chaps

Come and take abrowse at my new Pinterest pins and see selections of Vampalicious products all curated together. I'm fairly ne to it but hooked already. Here's one for the dandy gentlemen, full of Victorian and Edwardian evening wear, tuxedos, frock coats, fishtail back trousers and dress accessories.