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Showing posts from February, 2016

Back to Black with Victorian Whitby Jet Mourning Jewellery

Have been fiddling with Victorian mourning jewellery all made from antique Whiby jet and French jet. I have been repairing and re-stringin necklaces, here's a few pieces from the selection. The long necklace is a 1920s Flapper necklace with hollow jet beads.
Gorgeous Whitby jet link chain necklace.
Another Whiby jet link chain mourining necklace, I am a couple of the rounded links short, so this one still has string holding the links together in a coule of places. Along with a pretty shell cameo mounted onto a jet pendant base.
A massive jet button or it might also have been worn as a mourning bead fob decoration to hang on a watch chain, also pictured is a three-way spacer with hand carved solomon seal flower decoration. Just beautiful, I love jet it is so glam-gothic and it is ever currrent.

Maven the Mannequin given a Steampunk Makeover

Decided to style up the dummy with a steampunk theme, she's wearing a vintage lace blouse, steampunk riding bustle skirt and matching bolero with elasticaded waist and brass buckle. a faux fur duster coat, vintage wide brim hat with velvet trim, a vintage riding crop and riding boots.

Top Notch Vintage Somerton