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Dress like a Pastel Princess

Kate Middleton wowed the crowds at a Bafta dinner in aid of British creative talent at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles earlier in the year wearing a beautiful Alexander McQueen lilac chiffon pleated gown, with a sparkly belt.

You can get the pastel princess look for your very own red carpet or dinner occasion, by wearing vintage Elizabeth Arden, with a short lilac pink chiffon pleated little cocktail dress, with diamante waistband detail. Or go for the full on floaty romance with this pale powder blue vintage Jean Allen chiffon gown, with a sparkly beaded detail on the bodice.

This Jean Allen dress is labelled as a healthy size 18 with 42" bust, it's wonderful and will flatter the decolletage of a vampalicious princess to no end.  There is a small triangle section in the cleavage which could be taken out to add more 'va-va-voom'.
The dresses will be uploaded onto Vampalicious very soon, but if you are interested in purchasing either of them in the meantime, please …

What is this, some kind of torture?

I've been pondering on what this could possibly be, is is a child's, toddler's corset or an antique sanitary belt, or something alltogether different - does anyone know what it is?

Either way it's an instrument of discomfort for whomever had the misfortune of wearing it I guess.

What do you think?

Vintage black evening & dinner dresses

We are heading into party and dinner date season, here's a few alternatives to the little black dress, how about long black evening dinner dresses.  Pictured below are two from my new stock, original 70s glamour with very flattering shapes and a more recent Frank Usher designer number with beaded detail to the bodice neckline.

The left spotty one has a double sided belt, so you can choose to wear it with the pink showing or not and there are a variety of different ways to wear the belt or cummerbund around the middle one.

"It's all about the orange this season" says Gok

Indeed it is, the Autumn of 2011 has gone all pumpkin and colours of the fall with rusts, oranges, mustard yellows and deep reddish browns. It's such a 70s palette that of course makes the original 70s vintage fashions of the day, bang on trend for right now this season. I can almost smell the cinder toffee and mulled wine now.

And I have gathered together a fab vintage 50s, 70s and 80s collection which I photographed in my home studio yesterday, ready to upload onto my shop site, Vampalicious very soon.  (Apologies if my site is still down, my hosting provider are fiddling about with their servers, so hopefully it will be up and running by Monday, so keep checking in please.)

Pictured above are three fab' classic 70s looks and a lovely 80s dress with shoulder pads, peplum detail and belt with orange, red and blue accent colours.  From left, this bell-sleeved cropped top with an under bust tie and long lapels is sooo 70s New York, with matching thick bright orange corduroy tro…

Who's been a busy girl then...

Exciting few days, for me anyway. I have finally gotten round to trading in my old professional camera gear, a lovely Bronica with spare lenses and polaroid back, to exchange for a digital SLR, a Nikon D3000. Amusing to think that the last shots I did using the Bronny was for a few editorial portraits of Tony Blair and Jack Staw.

So at last I am back in the game, when it comes to snapping away like a pap'. I shall have fun practicing and playing until I get used to it and manage to tame it into taking a good pic. So far what appears on the screen is very different to what appears on my computer, so I still need to configure them so they're both the same.

I have also taken in a load more fabric and stuff from a local lady who is downsizing and (drumroll) I spent far more than I should have at the vintage fashion auction yesterday, eeeek!  So in all I now have an absolute mountain of stock to steam clean, photograph, catalogue and upload onto my shop site.

In the meantime, here&…

Vintage Maternity Patterns

I'm still uploading vintage patterns to my shop site, and noticed I have a few really lovely maternity patterns, classic 50s and 60s shapes, one of them would also make a great artists tunic, much like the ones my lecturers used to wear at art college, I'm giving my age away now aren't I!

Anyhoo, here's what they look like and you can purchase them from here.

Vintage 50s coat patterns

I've got so many vintage patterns it takes an age to get them uploaded to the shop, as I have to check all the pieces are in the envelope and in good condition. So as it's getting a bit chillier now, in time for the heavy winter we're allegedly going have, I've uploaded some 50s coat patterns today to the Vampalicious shop, along with some more 50s and 70s dress patterns too.

Vintage fabrics new in today

Ok so I haven't got a camera yet, but I do have a scanner, so here's a taster to the new fabrics I picked up today, just a few out of of the many more I have in the suitcase. 
Gorgeous eh?
50s fabric

70s cotton fabric

Floral fabric

I so need a camera

Well if I had a camera that worked, I'd be photographing the massive pile of vintage fabrics and 70's evening dresses I've just collected. To say they're fab' would be an understatement,  I think I probably have enough stuff now to do a stall somewhere, so I shall be on the lookout for vintage fairs to participate in, if you hear of any near me then please let me know.

Sadly the Babcary Vintage & Crafts was a one-off event, the committee have said I can't do another one in the village.

Now winter is getting closer and it's going to be another harsh one allegedly, I still have this absolutely stunning wolf fur coat in my collection, it's a beautiful emerald green with silk lining all handmade by an Italian designer from Rome.  The coat was actually made for Sophia Loren's sister, but she decided she didn't want it, so the lady who bought it straight from the designer in the 80's has put it in the Vampalicious collection for sale.

(Oh grea…

Oh yes I did...

...audition for our local panto that is. I went for the part of the villain Abanazer from Alladin, not usually a female role but why not eh, we already know I can do a great cackle and eeveel laugh.  Now I did warn them when I phoned up to tell them my singing was like an X-factor reject, one of the comedy ones you watch while covering your ears in horror, but they said,
"oh I'm sure it can't be that bad..."  How very little they realise.

So, she who shrieks like a banshee, with the tone of a mandrake let loose on the stage,
"Kiss me honey honey kiss me.... don't even care if I blow my top but honey honey don't  ......"
At that point the producer yells,
"STOP - please we've heard enough".
I look up towards the petrified audience, still quaking in shock, the blood gone from their faces, pale, glazed terrified expressions, they look like they had just been blasted by a fog horn at close range. Oops, I did warn you, when the pianist asked…