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Stunning 1930s Hungarian Embroidered Peasant Tops

This amazing beauty wasn't in the shop long before it was snapped up by an actress to wear on her opening night. It's a 1930s aubergine/plum colour crepe jacket with glorious hand embroidery and little red early plastic buttons. Just incredibly beautiful.

Along with it, came this beautiful delicate 1930s sheer silk crepe Hungarian peasant blouse with smocked waist and the biggest embroidered front panel I have ever seen on one of these tops. It's a rockabilly or boho girl's dream blouse and will make anyone look and feel so pretty.

Such a work of art and is still available in the shop or online.

Vintage 30s Traditional Dirndl Costume

I've had some beautiful and interesting things come into the shop recently.  This is an original 30s Bavarian Dirndle dress with matching apron. The work in it is amazing, all the pleating, gathering, tucking etc all hand done on the prettiest of floral printed fabric.

 Fastens with hooks and eyes and has a removable white lace bodice piece that fits on with poppers.
 The colours are beautiful with a pale dusky blue and pale coral pink decorated with a white eidelweiss floral pattern.
Some of the gathering in the sleeve.

Vintage 70s Men's Shirts - Rockabilly Western and Pure 70s Disco.

Since binge-watching the TV show Vinyl I'm all out hooked on the 70s again, Studio 54 the works. So I've been prancing about in vintage jump suits, mega flares and my monster platform heels and floppy hats. Love it - now all we need is more sunshine for that Summer of Love reinvention.
In the meantime.... I got a stash of men's 70s shirts to add to the shop this week, once I've washed and pressed them. Here's a lillte taster of a few of them that came through the light colours wash. Darks are next.
Above is a 70s H Bar C longtail California Ranchwear, blue embroidered Western shirt with pearl snap buttons to fit 38" chest.
Above is a 70s Kennington Western shirt with patchwork quilted yolk, you couldn't get more 70s I don't think.
Above is a 70s Kennington Western shirt with embroidered flowers and braided trim.
Above is a polyester disco shirt featuring a fly fishing scene - I can just imagine the dance moves to go with this shirt. Haaaa.
Above is…

Opening times

I'm reverting back to being open Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. I tried Wednesdays but it was just too lonely so am in the studion photographing stuff for the online listings instead.

You can always contact me if your need is urgent though.

Enjoy the pix of lovely Deco bakelite trinket boxes to cheer you up in the meantime.

Wishing for Spring sunshine and the colour yellow

It's all grim and grey outside so let me cheer things up with some wonderful Spring colours, cheery yellow and fresh green florals.  A fabulous vintage 1960s cotton umbrella parasol to brighten up your day as well as outfit. Take it with you for a Spring walk or picnic in the park to guard agains showers or bright sunshine. It would be fabulous for a festival too, where the weather is changeable or taken to the beach for stylish shade. Available here from Etsy 

Gorgeous Midcentury housecoat, dressing gown by the lingerie and loungewear brand Sidroy. Late 50s early 60s and just divine for wafting around the house looking all pretty and charming - what's not to love about this. It's got a lovely large curved collar lapel, tied with a yellow ribbon (not the original), a pretty little fron pocket. It's got yellow satin edging and oh that print! If you are a fan of Midcentury fabrics, you will just adore this print. Available here from the online shop.

Back to Black with Victorian Whitby Jet Mourning Jewellery

Have been fiddling with Victorian mourning jewellery all made from antique Whiby jet and French jet. I have been repairing and re-stringin necklaces, here's a few pieces from the selection. The long necklace is a 1920s Flapper necklace with hollow jet beads.
Gorgeous Whitby jet link chain necklace.
Another Whiby jet link chain mourining necklace, I am a couple of the rounded links short, so this one still has string holding the links together in a coule of places. Along with a pretty shell cameo mounted onto a jet pendant base.
A massive jet button or it might also have been worn as a mourning bead fob decoration to hang on a watch chain, also pictured is a three-way spacer with hand carved solomon seal flower decoration. Just beautiful, I love jet it is so glam-gothic and it is ever currrent.

Maven the Mannequin given a Steampunk Makeover

Decided to style up the dummy with a steampunk theme, she's wearing a vintage lace blouse, steampunk riding bustle skirt and matching bolero with elasticaded waist and brass buckle. a faux fur duster coat, vintage wide brim hat with velvet trim, a vintage riding crop and riding boots.

Top Notch Vintage Somerton