Friday, 24 June 2016

Vintage 70s Men's Shirts - Rockabilly Western and Pure 70s Disco. 
Since binge-watching the TV show Vinyl I'm all out hooked on the 70s again, Studio 54 the works. So I've been prancing about in vintage jump suits, mega flares and my monster platform heels and floppy hats. Love it - now all we need is more sunshine for that Summer of Love reinvention.

In the meantime.... I got a stash of men's 70s shirts to add to the shop this week, once I've washed and pressed them. Here's a lillte taster of a few of them that came through the light colours wash. Darks are next.

Above is a 70s H Bar C longtail California Ranchwear, blue embroidered Western shirt with pearl snap buttons to fit 38" chest.

Above is a 70s Kennington Western shirt with patchwork quilted yolk, you couldn't get more 70s I don't think.

Above is a 70s Kennington Western shirt with embroidered flowers and braided trim.

Above is a polyester disco shirt featuring a fly fishing scene - I can just imagine the dance moves to go with this shirt. Haaaa.

Above is another polyester disco shirt featuring a landcape with a red village and flying green birds. 
I'll show you some of ht ejump suits in the next blog.

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