Sunday, 23 October 2011

"It's all about the orange this season" says Gok

Indeed it is, the Autumn of 2011 has gone all pumpkin and colours of the fall with rusts, oranges, mustard yellows and deep reddish browns. It's such a 70s palette that of course makes the original 70s vintage fashions of the day, bang on trend for right now this season. I can almost smell the cinder toffee and mulled wine now.

And I have gathered together a fab vintage 50s, 70s and 80s collection which I photographed in my home studio yesterday, ready to upload onto my shop site, Vampalicious very soon.  (Apologies if my site is still down, my hosting provider are fiddling about with their servers, so hopefully it will be up and running by Monday, so keep checking in please.)

Pictured above are three fab' classic 70s looks and a lovely 80s dress with shoulder pads, peplum detail and belt with orange, red and blue accent colours.  From left, this bell-sleeved cropped top with an under bust tie and long lapels is sooo 70s New York, with matching thick bright orange corduroy trousers/pants, the cord is horizontally striped. Together they are unworn, and are labelled Saks Fifth Avenue, size 10. Which is a small 10 if you consider sizing has changed since the 70s.

Second from the left along, is a crimpeline 70s maxi dress in block print colours; orange, navy blue, yellow and green on white. With flared sleeves at the wrists and an empire line, it will be so flattering to wear. The size is labelled at 16, as with the other two dresses, but I reckon in todays sizes it's probably more like a 12-14.

The third along from the left is a thick wool type fabric and home made, also with bell shaped sleeves gathered in at the wrist with elastic. The colours are beautiful Autumnal colours and i can imagine wearing this to a bonfire night party, or just as a great dress for every day. The fabric will keep you nice and warm and teamed with some thick tights and great boots, it's just perfect for the weather turning cold.

I accessorised it with a lovely necklace I got from a recent auction, but I love it so much I'm keeping it. The dresses however are too big for me, otherwise I would be wearing this one right now because I love them all.

Then on the far right is the classic 80s shape which emphasises the waist, here I've accessorised with a two-tone back and white clutch bag, which also has a strap too. All these items are in excellent almost pristine condition.

And back even further to the 50s with these gorgeous silk dresses

These dresses are absolutely gorgeous, both silk with small waists. The left stripey one doesn't have a belt, so I used the rust belt just for the photo'. I was definitely going to claim the rust coloured dress but I'm too short and the top half is too big for me. I am a size 8 and 5'2", so it would fit a 10-12 but you will need a small waist.  Inside the dress however, there is a restraining belt, as you see with a lot of Victorian and 50s outfits, to take the strain away from the garment itself and keep your waist tiny. Both dresses also have side zippers to allow more room in getting them on and off. 

The stripey dress has double button on the front and the rust dress has buttons up the back - oooh they are so Mad Men aren't they!

As an alternative look, I accessorised with a vintage fur collar and classic three-stringed vintage pearl necklace. I am so gutted this dress is too big for me.

All of these items, except the necklace mentioned earlier will be for sale on my site, as soon as I've catalogued them and uploaded.  In the meantime if you are interested in buying anything shown here, please do contact me via email.


  1. I'm loving the orange cords - do you think they would fit me? M x

  2. fab frocks & great colours! Lizzie x

  3. Yes Marina, I think they would fit you as they're a 60s size 10 which is smaller than the size 10 of today.

    Thanks Lizzie, yes I love the colours too, especially the 50s silk dress.


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