Thursday, 13 October 2011

Vintage fabrics new in today

Ok so I haven't got a camera yet, but I do have a scanner, so here's a taster to the new fabrics I picked up today, just a few out of of the many more I have in the suitcase. 

Gorgeous eh?

50s fabric

70s cotton fabric

Floral fabric


  1. Gorgeous fabric! Thank you for your comment on the blog. The Fair is fully booked and has been for many months. Always happy to add you to the waiting list. Lizzie

  2. Yes please, thanks Lizzie that would be great, I'll toddle over to it if I don't book myself elsewhere.

  3. Definitely gorgeous! I particularly love the 50's fabrics.
    See you soon,
    Niki :)

  4. You have a lovely selection. I have a wardrobe full of fabrics, some I've had for years, some I've picked up from here and there. I have plans for some but there are also the ones I just love to look at!

  5. Yup Niki, I'll be trundling down with a small suitcase, be prepared! BTW would you like to see some of my white & lace linens for your shop?

    Thanks Linda, yes I'm still deliberating on what to make with them or whether to just sell them as they are. Although I've got a ton of vintage patterns, so a few 50's frocks might be in order. I need to get my sewing machine out and crack on with it.

  6. email me with details of what you sell (apart from fabric!) and I will add you to the list... Lizzie


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