Thursday, 20 October 2011

Who's been a busy girl then...

Exciting few days, for me anyway. I have finally gotten round to trading in my old professional camera gear, a lovely Bronica with spare lenses and polaroid back, to exchange for a digital SLR, a Nikon D3000. Amusing to think that the last shots I did using the Bronny was for a few editorial portraits of Tony Blair and Jack Staw.

So at last I am back in the game, when it comes to snapping away like a pap'. I shall have fun practicing and playing until I get used to it and manage to tame it into taking a good pic. So far what appears on the screen is very different to what appears on my computer, so I still need to configure them so they're both the same.

I have also taken in a load more fabric and stuff from a local lady who is downsizing and (drumroll) I spent far more than I should have at the vintage fashion auction yesterday, eeeek!  So in all I now have an absolute mountain of stock to steam clean, photograph, catalogue and upload onto my shop site.

In the meantime, here's a sneaky peak.

a selection of good quality heavy pearl necklaces, and quite a few items of 80s costume jewellery, along with some vintage perfume, which I'll keep.
Totally fabulous cotton box, around 1960s I reckon, it's the same kind of tough plastic a lot of vintage picnic sets are made from. (I'll be selling it without the cotton collection)

Gorgeous Elizabeth Arden delicate pink pleated floaty cocktail dress with a diamante waistband.
D'yknow what, I love this, it's a pant suit, the trousers are in the mustard colour and for some reason it makes me think of vintage Star Trek shows. If it was a size 8 and not 12 I would be wearing it most definitely.

A Pucci stylee shirt dress, great colours for this season
and this is so pretty, with a little bow detail on the empire line.


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