Thursday, 10 November 2011

Antiques in Dorchester

Went to Dorchester at the weekend to look at the huge antique barns next to Dukes. Lots of interesting sellers and vintage clothes, I enquired about getting a space there and it's quite reasonable, with a little coffee shop too, so maybe next year.

Novel patchworking ideas

I'd say this stall would probably be the closest in resembling my stock, I've even got a white 80s back very similar too.

This settee suite caught my eye, in a fab purple, so retro 1950s, it's like something from the Jetson's, (bet you can't remember tat show).

All in all a great place to visit, it's open all week and they serve gorgeous coffee too.

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  1. OOOh some lovely things, keep meaning to go over and take a look, my friend has a space there.
    Thanks for your comment on May, shes settling in really well, and your rescue story, they do such a great job at Happy landings xx


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