Friday, 11 November 2011

Downton Abbey 'Aristocratic chic is back!'

The hot fashion trend sparked by the popular sho Downton Abbey is for turn of the Century glamour and opulence, as worn by the Crawley family in ITV's popular TV costume drama series.

The Mail Online reports that It's not just women who have fallen for old-school glamour, though, men are also feeling inspired.

Sales of cravats are up 28 per cent at Debenhams and waistcoats, the must-have for all Downton men have also seen a sales spike of 21 per cent.

M&S has seen sales of men’s British fabric tweed blazers rise by more than 750% on some styles and sales of
elbow-length gloves sold has soared by 584% as have the sales of sequin capelets - a short cape worn over the shoulder have more than doubled. Marks & Spencer has also noticed the demand for corsets, pearl earrings and cloche hats has also rocketed

Debenhams spokesman Carie Barkhuizen said: 'The feminine glamour captured by the Crawley women in Downton Abbey has had a marked effect on what women are looking to buy this autumn, And since this is a look that can be achieved by a few choice accessories, it doesn't require aristocratic wealth of Downton proportions to achieve'.

The Top 5 'ARISTOCRATIC CHIC' items liste by the Mail Online are:

  1. Elbow length gloves, inspired by Edith Crawley
  2. Pearls, inspired by Mary Crawley
  3. Fur capes, inspired by Cora, Countess of Grantham
  4. Cravats, inspired by Robert, Earl of Grantham
  5. Hair jewels, inspired by Lavinia Swire 
In honour of this I uploaded some fine morning-dress trousers and a black dress waistcoat, along with a lovely black and white silk knit evening dress scarf for the Downton inspired gentlemen and for the ladies a selection of vintage gloves onto Vampalicious today.  I do have some capelets, Victorian jet beaded ones and some silk 1930s, which I will also load later.

I do also have a few vintage hats to upload including a lovely yellow straw cloche too, but that will be a job for another day soon.But if you're interested in purchasing anything, do please email me.


Source: Downton Abbey sparks a craze for corsets, cloche hats and cravats | Mail Online

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