Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Handbag Lady Bracknell, vintage of course

"Yes, Lady Bracknell, I was in a hand bag. A somewhat large... black... leather handbag with handles... to it."


I've just uploaded a few vintage handbags and purses to the shop but nothing quite like the one Jack was found in, from The Importance of Being Ernest. But I do have a couple of gorgeous decorative vintage evening purses from the 1920s and 30s,  both with diamantes the elder of the two encrusted all over and the 1930s purple pleated silk purse has diamantes on the filigree fram and set into the clasp adding a touch of vintage bling!  You'll also find a classic 1950s textured leather Kelly bag, which is a perfect finishing touch for your Mad Men or Pan Am fashion statement. Bringing it further up to the Dynasty power dressing 80s, with an oversized mock croc white vinyl envelope clutch bag, and a tidy very dark navy blue and white patent leather clutch bag and I know it's not vintage but I love it just tthe same is an ASOS bright blue feather clutch - fabulous dahlinks.

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