Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Buying vintage for lovely chaps

I seem to have been on a shopping bender for the chaps recently, with coming across nice dinner suits and accessories. I even found a midnight blue dinner suit that is very similar to James Bond's both from Doctor No, which was his first dinner suit in the 60s and more recently in Quantum of Solace with Daniel Craig and coincidentally I found it literally round the corner from where Mr Craig was hanging out last Christmas - ooh it set the mind a wandering I can tell you, especially as it's in his size too. It's not a Tom Ford design though, it is actually tailored for Jacob Reed's Sons in Philadelphia.


I also bought this lovely vintage double breasted 1940s de-mob dinner jacket or tuxedo, it's a Utility garment with a CC41 label and made by Montague Burton of Oxford Street, the label says; 'The Tailor of Taste", love it.

Then to keep yourself nice and smart a sweet vintage leather grooming set which has chromium bottles with bakelite screw tops and a hairbrush with a decorated chrome top and a mirror.

Then laters when you've had a smashing evening out dressed like James Bond, you can change into something a bit more comfortable in one of these two satin dressing robes I have in the shop. Either this gorgeous blue satin chinese dressing gown with gold brocade dragons, very Noel Coward or the cherry red luxurious heavy satin robe below.

It didn't stop there though either, winging their way over to me in a couple of boxes are a big lot of vintage military RAF uniforms, some peaked caps, a pith helmet and much much more...

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