Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wishing for Spring sunshine and the colour yellow 
It's all grim and grey outside so let me cheer things up with some wonderful Spring colours, cheery yellow and fresh green florals. 
A fabulous vintage 1960s cotton umbrella parasol to brighten up your day as well as outfit. Take it with you for a Spring walk or picnic in the park to guard agains showers or bright sunshine. It would be fabulous for a festival too, where the weather is changeable or taken to the beach for stylish shade.

Gorgeous Midcentury housecoat, dressing gown by the lingerie and loungewear brand Sidroy. Late 50s early 60s and just divine for wafting around the house looking all pretty and charming - what's not to love about this. It's got a lovely large curved collar lapel, tied with a yellow ribbon (not the original), a pretty little fron pocket. It's got yellow satin edging and oh that print! If you are a fan of Midcentury fabrics, you will just adore this print.

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