Thursday, 13 October 2011

I so need a camera

Well if I had a camera that worked, I'd be photographing the massive pile of vintage fabrics and 70's evening dresses I've just collected. To say they're fab' would be an understatement,  I think I probably have enough stuff now to do a stall somewhere, so I shall be on the lookout for vintage fairs to participate in, if you hear of any near me then please let me know.

Sadly the Babcary Vintage & Crafts was a one-off event, the committee have said I can't do another one in the village.

Now winter is getting closer and it's going to be another harsh one allegedly, I still have this absolutely stunning wolf fur coat in my collection, it's a beautiful emerald green with silk lining all handmade by an Italian designer from Rome.  The coat was actually made for Sophia Loren's sister, but she decided she didn't want it, so the lady who bought it straight from the designer in the 80's has put it in the Vampalicious collection for sale.

(Oh great, my site's gone down - I'm just sorting that out with my hosting, hopefully we'll be back online later on today, so keep checking.)

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