Monday, 13 February 2012

Weldons patterns & small changes

Well here's a quickie update after being offline for so long. I've tweeked the main website main page and at some point the rest of the site will follow in suit, I want it to look fresher than it does, but it's hard work not being a web designer and takes ages too.

While I was out today, I met up with Sue from The Dairy House Antiques for a welcome coffee, teacake & a chat about units and vacant shop premises, I managed to pick up a few more Weldons paper vintage dressmaking patterns. These three pictured above all come with embroidery templates to add extra detailing to your blouse once you've made it, but of course you could also use the templates to add a lovely design to anything as an added bonus. I'll be uploading to the site soon, but if you'd fancy one then please just let me know.

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