Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mad March Hats, a teeny weeny bikini & latest finds

 I've been on a shopping mission and found an assortment of colourful lovely vintage finds. Above a blue velvet hat and far right a black velvet beret style hat, the two centre pink and yellow hats are actually Tropicana headscarves and they'd both look fab teamed with the itsy bitsy teeny ween pin-up gitl bikini below wouldn't they.

Then I came across this box of 5 Goddess bras still with the original store tags on them and in a box that says "I owe it all to Goddess Bras" - fab. They are labelled as 34D but the cup size is a good 8" across so I really think they're probably a DD. They've got hooks & eyes on both sides of the strap for extra security!

I love this oriental Japanese Victorian low fronted rounded shawl collar waistcoat in a burgundy silk brocade, from Ari Dono of Kyoto Japan. with two pockets, four satin buttons, adjustable back. 36" chest, 34" waist. ....and so you have me Moriarty.
 And another little black fur collar in the shape of a foxyminky creature, it has a clip mouth to bite hold of its tail .
 A few vintage 1930s cigarette cases, the one on the left is EPNS silver plate, I also have another one with "silver fox" engraved on the iside with a fox logo drawing too.

Quack quack - don't let fluffy vintage clothes drive you quackers, just brush yourself down with this classic bakelite duck-shaped vintage clothes brush in quacking good condition, one of the best I've seen.

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